Children’s Ministries  – Amanda Mills
(Not meeting at this time)
LITTLES – Ages 0 – 3
MIDDLES – Ages 3 – 6
BIGS – Ages 6 – 12
Youth Ministry –
(Grade 7 – 12) – PK  
Ladies Ministry
Men’s Ministry 
Young Adult Zoom Bible Study 
Missions – Nazarene Missions International
Penny Ure
Lunch and Learn – First Sunday of each month
Sept – Mar (will resume at a later date)
Design Team 
Worship In Song Ministry – Brock Priebe and Josh Maetche 
Small Groups
*Women’s study led by Dawn Maetche
* Young Adult’s Study led by Pastor Kyle
*Wednesday evening at Joe and Rosalie Mills’
*Friday nights at Richard and Harriet Malones
*Tuesday evening It’s All Under Control – Amanda Mills
*Sewing Circle – hands on creating and packing supplies for the Mission Field. First Monday of each month at 10:00am (will resume at a later date)
Media Team 
Sound Team